For 10 comfortable years, Sally (Catherine Shepherd) has lived with David (Alex Macqueen). Life is good, even if David is boring and she can't always tell when they're having sex.

And then Emma (Julia Davis) happens. Seductive, charismatic and bohemian, Emma is everything David isn't. And an awful lot more besides: she's an actress, a singer/songwriter. A musician. An author. Also a poet.

So it's no surprise that Sally embarks on a wild affair with her. Before she knows it, Emma has moved in, rearranging the furniture and her life.

But is this really what Sally wanted?

Written and directed by seven-time Bafta nominee Julia Davis (Hunderby, Nighty Night, Camping), Sally 4 Ever is a black comedy about love and sex in a confused, obsessive and gender-fluid world.

Written and directed by Julia Davis
Produced by Phil Clarke

Various Artists Ltd is proud to have made Sally4Ever with Hush Ho Productions for Sky Atlantic and HBO.


Award Nominations

BAFTA TELEVISION AWARDS 2019 - Best Scripted Comedy, Best Female Performance (Julia Davis) & Best Male Performance (Alex Macqueen)