Still Up - All episodes available on Apple TV+

“Still Up,” the story of two complicated insomniacs who spend their long sleepless nights together in constant conversation. Free-spirited Lisa is an aspiring illustrator working as a waitress and raising her young daughter Poppy alongside partner Veggie. Danny is a gifted journalist suffering from an extreme anxiety that profoundly impacts his life. As Danny and Lisa open up to each other in these hazy, heightened nighttime hours we see the highs and lows that have shaped their relationship, and how they begin to realize that they may be much more than friends. Starring Antonia Thomas (“The Good Doctor,” “Small Axe,” “Lovesick”) and Craig Roberts (“Red Oaks,” “Submarine“). Blake Harrison (“The Inbetweeners”), Lois Chimimba (“The Outlaws”), Luke Fetherston (“Almost Never”) and Rich Fulcher (“The Mighty Boosh”).
Written by Steve Burge (“Seekers”) and Natalie Walter. Bryce Hart (“Ten Percent”) also writes on the series. 
Directed by John Addis 
Produced by Arabella McGuigan
Executive Producers, Phil Clarke, Paul Schlesinger 
Still Up is produced by Various Artists Limited for Apple TV+